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05.23.2014 Why Do We Label Ourselves Something We’re Not?
02.04.2014 ‘Recovering Alcoholic': Words That Stigmatize or Empower?
12.30.2013 HuffPost Live: Is Alcohol An Integral Part Of The Holidays?
11.05.2013 Can Family Conflict Drive Teen Girls to Drink?
09.08.2013 A New Look at ‘Low-Risk’ Drinking
07.22.2013 Childhood Trauma and Adult Alcohol Abuse: Shedding Light on the Connection
06.26.2013 Drinking Can Kill You — Especially If You’re a Woman!
05.23.2013 Are Alcoholism and Addiction in Our Blood?
04.16.2013 Do You and Your Spouse Argue Over Drinking? How to Avoid Armageddon
03.22.2013 Unexplained Symptoms? It’s Not Necessarily ‘All in Your Head’
12.13.2012 Psychiatry Takes a Step Forward in Understanding Alcoholism

10.17.2013 Social Anxiety and Problem Drinking: The Connection
10.03.2013 “Frontloading” Among College Students: Motives and Outcomes
09.12.2013 A New Perspective on “Low Risk” Drinking
07.29.2013 Childhood Trauma and Alcohol Abuse: The Connection
05.20.2013 Christine Quinn and the Healing Power of Honesty
04.08.2013 Do You and Your Spouse Argue Over Drinking?
03.28.2013 Unexplained Symptoms? Not Necessarily “All In Your Head”
12.14.2012 Psychiatry Takes a Step Toward Understanding Alcoholism
9.5.2012 Almost Alcoholic: Diagnostic Overreach or Fair Warning?
5.10.2012 Can Drinking Make Men Smarter?
4.30.2012 Drinking Is Good For Your Health: Fact, or Fantasy?
4.16.2012 Drinking in the Workplace: Cool Perk or Slippery Slope?
4.10.2012 Over 50 and Almost Alcoholic?

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