Almost Depressed

Is My (or My Loved One’s) Unhappiness a Problem?

Jefferson Prince, MD and Shelley Carson, PhD

We all experience unhappiness—but for some, sadness, stress, and negative thoughts can become a regular part of our lives, no matter how good things may be going. There is a place between basic sadness and diagnosed clinical depression called almost depression.

Through engaging stories along with their professional experience, Jefferson B. Prince, M.D. and Shelly Carson, Ph.D. outline the symptoms of depression, the role that stress plays in depression, as well as many of the physical conditions that can mimic depression. Then, based on the latest clinical research, they offer step-by-step guidance for making positive changes to help alleviate and reverse almost depression. Through this insightful and informative book, you will:

There are many pathways that can lead you out of almost depression toward brighter days ahead.  Almost Depressed will show you the way.