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Hazelden logoHazelden is the leading publisher of books and multi-media tools for those in recovery from addiction or who are dealing with related life issues. With the publication of Twenty-Four Hours a Day in 1954—the first daily meditation book written expressly for recovering alcoholics—Hazelden began a tradition of bringing readers information and inspiration to strengthen lifelong recovery and personal growth. Today, Millions of people make Hazelden books and electronic resources a part of their day. Hazelden publishes print books, e-books, mobile apps, multimedia tools, and other resources that inform and support prevention, intervention, treatment, and lifelong recovery from addiction. Translating research into practice, Hazelden is also the leading publisher of evidence-based alcohol, drug, and violence prevention and treatment curricula for professionals and organizations.

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From Sid Farrar, Executive Editorial Director

Sid Farrar headshotIn the fourteen years that I have directed the acquisitions and development of publications for Hazelden I have seen the assessment and treatment of addiction and mental health issues slowly evolve to accommodate the research and theoretical work of the pioneers and original thinkers in the behavioral health field. For example, research had shown over twenty years ago that the integrated treatment of co-occurring addiction and mental illness yielded far superior outcomes to treating the two disorders separately, which had been (and to some degree still is) the common practice. It has only been in the last four or five years that evidence-based integrated treatment models have been widely adopted and recognized as best practice; and we at Hazelden are proud to be a part of furthering that movement through our recovery and self-help product lines for consumers.

So when Dr. Silver came to me with the idea for co-publishing a series of consumer books with Harvard Health Publications addressing the subclinical symptoms and behaviors on the spectrum between “normal” and formal DSM diagnoses, I recognized an opportunity for Hazelden to play a part in moving the field forward and raising the consciousness of both consumers and professionals on a critical and neglected behavioral health issue.

All of us at Hazelden Publishing are very excited to work with Harvard Health Publications, and the stellar group of Harvard Medical School faculty members as well as the other authors and writers who have contributed to The Almost Effect™ series. I believe these books will break new ground in offering help and hope to millions of readers who will now have their problems recognized at last, and be given the long overdue guidance they need in finding solutions.

Sid Farrar

Executive Editorial Director

Hazelden Publishing